Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi’s Bachelor showdown

Things got pretty nasty when The Bachelor head honchos put ex-fiances Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi in the same room together.

Tempers flared and Jake ended up looking like quite the jerk. Vienna was no angel, either. After having leaked to the press that she thought Jake wasn’t interested in women, the battle waged on.

Jake said that, even though he broke up with her, he was 2,000 miles away and suddenly was on the cover of about five different magazines. See, that’s what happens when you’re a jerk, Jake.

He said that the relationship was already on its way out before he left, but said, “I wasn’t ready to stop fighting. I cannot fathom her doing this to me.”

Before you think Jake is the victim, read on. Vienna told her side, saying that only after a month of dating, that things began changing between them. She said that it only looked like a relationship when they were in front of the cameras, for red carpet functions or television. She said, “When we were home it was lonely.”

Yes, she called him a famewhore. And he said he didn’t trust her.

Who do you believe?

Jake Pavelka is not posing nude for Playgirl

According to Playgirl’s VP of Marketing, Daniel Nardicio, he extended an offer to Bachelor star, Jake Pavelka to pose nude for the publication. Now, Jake’s rep has released a statement saying that he’s not going to do it.

His rep said, “Jake is not doing Playgirl – never considered it, never will.”

His ex-fiancee, Vienna Girardi isn’t doing Playboy like she claimed, either. So they’re even.

Are you bummed?

Jake Pavelka to pose nude for Playgirl?

On top of the announcement that Vienna Girardi is posing for Playboy, it appears that her ex-fiancee Jake Pavelka might be showing a little bit of skin himself.

Playgirl’s VP of Marketing, Daniel Nardicio, is still trying to figure out how much a shoot with the former Bachelor is worth. He said, “We’re determining the value of a shoot with Jake, who exemplifies our classic American guy at Playgirl. It’s obvious he likes the limelight, and I intuit that he looks good naked. Most people realize that reality show fame is fleeting and largely a dead end for the actors, so this is a way to extend that fame, and make a cute profit off of it.”

When asked how pay is determined, Nardicio said, “I have a lot of factors that I add together to figure out a model’s worth. I guess like a c*** calculator.”

He said that it would be in the six figure range. He better hurry before the public gets bored with him!

Vienna Girardi says she’s posing for Playboy

There has been a bitter battle between The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and ex-fiancee Vienna Girardi since they’ve broken up. She says he’s a lying famewhore and he says that he had trust issues with her. It’s been a tug-of-war as far as who pulled the trigger on their relationship….But Vienna wants to get the last laugh by posing for Playboy magazine.

Star magazine reports:

“I am going to be on the cover of Playboy later this year,” Vienna tells Star.

“The Bachelor didn’t pay me a dime, and I ran through my savings living with Jake,” Vienna says of her decision to pose for Playboy — a deal she hopes will net her $250,000. ” I need the money. And I want to do something fun and happy for myself!”

I don’t wanna see this chick in Playboy unless they put a bag over her head. For Playboy lite, you can look here or here.