The X Factor Live Elimination Recap: Top 3 Finalists Revealed On December 13, 2012

The X Factor Live Elimination Recap: Top 3 Finalists Revealed On December 13, 2012

Tonight on FOX at 8PM EST is an all new elimination episode of the hit talent competition “The X Factor”. It has all come down to this! The top four contenders battled it out with two separate songs each on last night’s show, proving that they all really do have a shot at “The X Factor” crown. In case you were unable to watch the show, we have it recapped here.

Last night, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens really stood out, while leaving us to wonder the fate of all girl group Fifth Harmony. For their mentor’s choice song, they went with “Impossible”, which is a song that they’ve already performed. We’re going to go on record to say that we don’t think Fifth Harmony is going to survive the night. From the poll that we’ve conducted last night, it would appear that our readers agree.

As pointed out by Khloe Kardashian-Odom and Mario Lopez, there will be no sing-off tonight and no judges’ votes. It will all come down to how America voted! Are you excited “X Factor” fans? The finale is a week away!

On tonight’s show, we will see performances from Bruno Mars and Bridgit Mendler. We can’t wait! As always, we will be providing our live coverage of the show tonight, so stay tuned for the most updated live recap around. Until then, tell us in the comments who you’ve been rooting for to win the show this season!


It’s show time! There is no judges’ choice tonight and America will have decided who to send home. The show is kicking off with a song by Carly Rose Sonenclar, joined by Tate Stevens and later, Fifth Harmony and Emblem3.

Before the results are revealed, we are getting a brief recap of last night’s performances. They were all really good, but we’re guessing that Fifth Harmony might be exiting the “X Factor” stage tonight.

Tonight, we are going to find out who America voted through to the finals next week. Who is the first act out of the top four to get through to the finals? It’s Fifth Harmony! WTF?!? Who’s going to go home tonight?!??? We were under the impression that they weren’t going to make it through!

Before any other results are read, we’re being treated to a performance by Bridgit Mendler. We’re not sure who she is, really, but she is definitely much better than Ke$ha.

As far as who the second act is to be put through to the finals, it has just been announced that it’s going to be Tate Stevens! That’s not really a shock, is it?

So now it’s down to being between Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem3….who is going to go home and who is going to get through?!?

Now, we break for a performance of “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Awesome!

Now it’s time for the results! Who’s getting eliminated on tonight’s episode of “The X Factor”?

Eliminated tonight is EMBLEM3!!! Are you shocked? Tell us in the comments what you think of the results tonight!

America, our top three finalists are Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar!