Take That singer Robbie Williams has a sex tape?

Take That singer Robbie Williams just might have some embarrassing video footage floating around the internet. He once installed video cameras in his bedroom, but soon forgot about their existence.

He said, “I had this idea once to put cameras in my bedroom. You know those ideas that you instantly regret and forget about. ‘What would be great is if I put cameras in my bedroom and I did a web show from my bed!'”

Oops! He forgot that he left the video going! He added, “I put them in and forgot they were there. It was seven days in and I saw this yellow light in the corner and I was like, ‘This is feeding somewhere, somewhere’s picking this up.’ Very embarrassing.”

We’re only kidding about the sex tape thing. He was probably broadcasting footage of himself playing Monopoly with a friend and painting each other’s nails. Kidding, kidding.

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