Tameka Raymond To Appeal Usher Custody Decision

Tameka Raymond To Appeal Usher Custody Decision

Just recently, a judge in Usher Raymond’s custody case awarded the singer primary custody of his two sons with his ex Tameka Foster. Apparently that decision has left Tameka ticked off and she’s not going to let this go without a fight.

She is said to be miffed over the court’s decision and believes that its ruling could be the result of a biased judge. So, in order to battle that notion, she is going to be filing an appeal with the court.

It was announced on Friday that Tameka had lost her bid for custody to Usher, after he called her irresponsible and inattentive. Spies close to Tameka say that she feels that it was an unfair ruling. They found that Usher’s lawyer’s law firm threw a fundraiser for the judge back in 2008, which could have influenced the ruling in their custody case.

She claims that Usher is always on the road and has no time for the kids. She said that her schedule is more stable for them and is looking for a lawyer to hire to file the appeal.

Are you shocked at the judge’s decision to award primary custody to Usher?

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