Tara Reid Wants To Make A Sharknado Sequel

Tara Reid Wants To Make A Sharknado Sequel

Sharknado is already destined to become a cult classic after debuting on SyFy this past Thursday. One of the movie’s stars, Cassie Scerbo, said that she thought the title of the movie was a complete joke and said that she wasn’t expecting the film’s reaction with fans.

Because of its success, Tara Reid has said that she wouldn’t mind making a sequel to the flick. When asked about the prospect of making another similarly themed movie, she said, “Why not?”

She said that the movie is “so funny it’s almost like a cult classic.”

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The movie drew an audience of 1.4 million viewers on Thursday, July 11th. If you’ve missed it, it features the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas being caught in the middle of a tornado of sharks. It’s so B-movie that it’s definitely going to be a classic.

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Of the viewer’s reaction to the movie, Tara added, “I’m just so glad that people saw the humor in it that I did, because it’s hilarious.”

Did you see Sharknado?

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