Tate Stevens Talks His ‘X Factor’ Win

Tate Stevens Talks His 'X Factor' Win

Country singer Tate Stevens has emerged victorious in his battle for the “X Factor” crown — and now he’s talking about his win. He rose above finalists Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose Sonenclar for the title of champion of the talent show’s second season and now he is opening up about his victory.

In a new interview backstage after the show, he said, “It’s amazing. I still don’t know what to say. It’s so crazy. This whole thing is spinning fast and I can’t feel my feet. I don’t know. The thought that people liked what I did that much? It’s very cool.”

When he heard his name being called as the winner of the season, he said something to his coach L.A. Reid. He revealed, “I was like, ‘We did it!’ and we had a big old man hug. But you know what? It’s…Yeah, I turned into a big puddle of mush up there. But it’s very cool. I’m so blessed. I don’t even know what to say. I’m blessed. This is crazy.”

Tate also said that he isn’t exactly sure what he is going to do with the top prize of $5 million. He said, “No, I haven’t thought [of that]. I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s very surreal. I’m freaking out.”

He added, “I feel bad ’cause I’m so scatterbrained right now. I can’t focus on anything, so I feel bad for them [his family]. But this is amazing and I’m gonna run with this X Factor thing until I die. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity.”

Such a gracious winner! Congratulations to Tate Stevens on winning the second season of “The X Factor USA”!

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