Taylor Lautner is suffering

Taylor Lautner was suffering and in pain after carrying his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, after the shot took all day to film. When filming Eclipse, the producers had Kristen in a harness so it would look like Taylor was carrying her, but that didn’t look realistic.

He said, “There’s a scene where I’m carrying Kristen, and it’s also, like, four pages of dialogue. We actually had plans, a rig that was basically going to carry her, and I was just going to pretend that I was carrying her. We got there on the day, and the rig didn’t look very natural. They were like, ‘What are we doing to do?’ and I’m like, ‘I’ll just carry her. She’s like, what, 110 pounds? It’s no big deal!’ We filmed that scene all day long. Did the wide shot, did my close-up, did her close-up, the back shot, everything. It was so hard…It was painful.”

Poor kid. However, a good actor will suffer for his art. Or so I’ve heard…

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