Taylor Lautner’s Gay People Magazine Cover Fake (Photo)

Taylor Lautner Calls Gay People Magazine Cover Fake (Photo)

The above photo is of a People magazine cover for the January 7, 2012 issue of the tabloid, claiming that Twilight actor Taylor Lautner is coming out as gay. It would have been a total bombshell of a story — if it were true.

A photo of Taylor is covered with the text, “Exclusive”, along with the subtitle, “Out & Proud”. Underneath that, it says, “Tired of rumors, the Twilight star opens up about his decision to finally come out. ‘I’m more liberated, and happier than I’ve ever been.”

A representative for the magazine told Gossip Cop that the cover is a fake!

It’s a good fake, though, isn’t it? This is how rumors get started. Still, the Photoshopper who made this did a pretty good job, as compared to their real magazine covers.

Taylor Lautner himself has yet to comment on the gay rumors. Did you buy into the hype?

Something like this starts off on Twitter and just spreads like wildfire on the internet. Did you see the cover and think that Taylor was really coming out as gay? Let us know in the comments!

Taylor Lautner’s Gay People Magazine Cover Fake (Photo) was last modified: December 26th, 2011 by Lydia Harris
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  • Pickingupriceatthechurch

    i honestly thought it was real. I was about to cry.

  • UIUC_1978

    Didn’t buy it for a second. 

  • mollayeee

    yes i did! hes so gay he needs to come out.

  • Kaitlyn fetterhoff

    About taylor L that is just retarted i almost has a heartattak when reading it my heart about fell out because i love that kid sooo much! I would have cryed! Ha well thats my thought
    -kaitlyn fetterhoff facebook me(:

    • Cain

      I don’t understand your comment… If you “love that kid so much” why would him coming out make you cry?

      • Phlossify

        I assume she meant in a “crush” sort of way, and Mr. Lautner’s being homosexual would ruin any chances of a relationship with him. 

        • Morgana122190

          As if there WAS any chance at all? Lmfao yeah, right.

  • Ray

    Yes I thought it was real. I thought, well it’s about time. 

  • taty

    knew it was fake, hes addressed the rumors before and he is straight!


    I don’t believe anything until it comes out, or I can find a verified source saying otherwise. -_-‘ People are so gullible.

  • Anonymous

    wow! i really thought this was true! it’s a BIG sigh of relief knowing it isn’t! 

  • Harlottaon34

    Lol everyone who denies it blatantly in the posts below are all girls who thought that they would have a chance at him. Come on now, if you REALLY crushed on him you’d still be able to crush on him. I mean, gay guys do it all the time. Its probably healthier that now y’all will have to look for REAL guys who you’ll have a chance with.

  • Jenna

    At first I was like “WHAT”
    and then I was like “No way..”
    and then I was like “Well.. I guess it could happen.”
    and then I clicked on the link and found out it wasn’t real.

  • 5150

    i was looking forwards to seeing him come out of the closet xD. he needs to hurry up and come out and have a threesome with me and Zac Effron

  • jaspee

    its funny how all the guys wished he was gay its like if they want him forthemeselve

  • Rainajv10

    I thought it was ( i saw it on a small phone) ans I said “no judgment. he’s still cute.” I forgot to include “and still a bad actor.”

  • Colbyw93

    Damn wolves always causing problems….where’s the soarkly vampire when you actually need him -_-

  • Colbyw93


  • vefem

    If he is gay, what does it matter? The media and fan girls just blow things out of proportion. If he like guys, girls, both, then whatever. Its his life. Let him do what makes him happy.