Taylor Swift Attends Fan’s Bridal Shower

Taylor Swift Attends Fan's Bridal Shower

Country singer Taylor Swift made a fan’s day when she attended her bridal shower this weekend. Tay-Tay demanded that her management team help her attend Gena Gabrielle’s bridal shower by having them clear her schedule for the occasion. Taylor helped the fan celebrate her special occasion in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday.

Gena told the “Today Show”, “I had no idea it was going to happen. She said she planned it with her management and her mom. She said it was all worth is because my face was priceless.”

On Twitter, she said, “It was a complete surprise. She’s an incredible person and amazing friend. Taylor didn’t crash the bridal shower she had an invitation ;) I’m really not that special and I’m still in awe she did this for me.”

Gena shared the below photo on her Instagram account:

Taylor Swift Attends Fan's Bridal Shower

Gena met the country singer during a meet and greet in 2007 and they have kept in touch ever since. During the bridal shower, Taylor said, “This is my first bridal shower and Gena’s last.”

Gena added, “I will never forget she did this for me. She is truly an incredible, special person.”

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