Taylor Swift & Chord Overstreet’s romance heating up

Taylor Swift & Chord Overstreet's romance heating up

They really haven’t been dating that long, but we’re hearing reports that the romance between Taylor Swift and her Glee star boyfriend Chord Overstreet is heating up!

Entertainment Wise reports:

Taylor met Chord through his brother Nash who is also a musician and since then the pair have been spotted on a date at an L.A. Kings NHL home game.

A source said, “Taylor reached out to Chord. After the event, Taylor and Chord grabbed a bite. He’s into her.”

Another spy said, “She’s getting to know him. He’s hot, young and single — and he’s closer to her age than Jake Gyllenhaal.”

Who do you like her with better? Chord or Jake? Let us know in the comments!

Taylor Swift & Chord Overstreet’s romance heating up was last modified: March 5th, 2011 by Lydia Harris
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  • Shay

    Honestly? Neither. She needs to focus on her music and not boys. Like wth. Every time u turn around she’s dating someone new. It may or may not be true but she almost ALWAYS get her heart broken so maybe she should learn that she should live the single life for a while and work on herself.