Taylor Swift Gets Punk’d By Justin Bieber On CMT Tomorrow (Photo)

Taylor Swift Gets Punk'd By Justin Bieber On CMT Tomorrow (Photo)

Remember that elaborate prank we told you about where Justin Bieber makes Taylor Swift think that she has set off a fire aboard a boat? This little incident had Swifty thinking that she ruined an entire wedding! Can you imagine how bad she must’ve felt?

CMT will be airing a special of the show’s first episode showing Justin Bieber taking the Punk’d reins from Ashton Kutcher. Ashton must be so proud!

In the first episode, Taylor goes to see Justin for what she thinks is a writing session with the teen singer. He convinces the country singer to set off fireworks, which subsequently leads to a boat catching on fire. That, in turn, causes a wedding on board the boat to get ruined. Poor Taylor, she must’ve felt so bad!

After finding out that it was all a prank, Taylor said, “I was going to pass out, I was like ‘this is the end’ – like I’m rotting in a jail cell forever because Justin Bieber made me push a button.”

Will you be tuning into CMT to watch the hilarity go down?

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