Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Sex Tape Is A Fake!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Sex Tape Is A Fake!

There have been rumors of a sex tape between country singer Taylor Swift and her former boyfriend, One Direction singer Harry Styles. We’ve heard that there have been clips of said sex tape floating around the internet. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news for all of you pervs out there, but the sexy times caught on camera are not actually Taylor and Harry.

Did you actually think that Taylor Swift would allow her divine untouched virgin brand to be tarnished with a sex tape scandal? She wants everyone on the planet to think she’s always scorned and is as pure as the driven snow. So salacious. We’re sure her legal team will be sure to cut down on any rumors of this sex tape business STAT. She’s not a Kardashian, remember?

Taylor makes her money and fame off of heartbreaks and her slew of douchey ex-boyfriends.

Despite all of that, was a sex tape between Taylor and Harry anything anyone really wanted to see? We mean, besides John Mayer, that is. Ha. Did you believe the rumors of the tape’s existence? Or did you think that it was a fake because Taylor doesn’t do this sort of thing in the public eye?

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