Taylor Swift Hates Complaining Celebrities

Taylor Swift Hates Complaining Celebrities

Country singer Taylor Swift has revealed that she’s bored with celebrities who do nothing but complain.

She is on the attack on her fellow stars who don’t believe that their fame is a gift. In a new interview, she said, “I have heard it a lot from people lately and it just seems to be a no brainer. If you don’t like talking to people and have strangers come up to you, you shouldn’t do it.”

She continued, “I am lucky to be here and happy to be here and it is the fans that got me here so I am going to say hi to them as they come up to me in a coffee shop. It’s not a big deal.”

She’s not naming any names, however, for fear that her fans will think she’s mean. She said, “Well you can’t name names because then you are mean, but I am sure that everyone hears it constantly, it is a recurring theme.”

Now that the country star has settled into her own home, she’s been cooking up a storm. She added, “Having my own place and my own oven and stove and refrigerator has been amazing. I get to try all these different things in the kitchen and serve them up to friends. I love to improvise and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Even if you don’t like her music, you have to admit, she is very down-to-Earth. Right?

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