Taylor Swift Irked By Ex-Boyfriend John Mayer?

Taylor Swift Irked By Ex-Boyfriend John Mayer?

Country singer Taylor Swift was left super irked by her ex-boyfriend John Mayer. Apparently she doesn’t want to be anywhere near the “Daughters” singer. We can’t really blame her, his douchiness might rub off…but she’s kind of a douche already, no?

RadarOnline reports:

The 23-year-old singer was furious at the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 7 when she found out John was going to take the stage before her. “She said she had to go on earlier than him,” a source told Usmagazine.com and pitched a “stink” about his performance.

Taylor got her way according to the report, but she wasn’t happy about the whole evening. “John just being there irked her,” another source said, and revealed that Taylor “was just really bitter that night.”

Taylor and John dated in 2011 and true to form, she later penned the song Dear John about their failed relationship. The evening was an all-around disappointment for Taylor, who was nominated for five awards and didn’t win in a single category.

She has certainly made an entire career out of being bitter toward her exes….what do you think?

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  • dude

    So tell me should I belive this gossip story that came from a reliable “source”? Or the gossip story that came from a reliable “source” that said she was getting back with John Mayer because they were all over each other that nite? Both storys are bull!! Or the story that said she was flirting with Tim Macgraw and Faith Hill said stay away from my man? Busy nite for Taylor all lies but still a busy nite for bulls#:t gossip

  • Roberta Ferguson

    Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?