Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship made up for publicity?

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal's relationship made up for publicity?

Did you feel bad for Taylor Swift when you found out the news that her short-lived and rumored boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal ditched her in the same fashion that Joe Jonas did?

How mad would you feel if you found out that the whole relationship may be a figment of all of our imaginations? Seriously, these two only really met up for a coffee date once and then they went apple picking. Then they were the new “it” couple. Take a step back now. Did either of them actually confirm any romance between them? Sure, we’ve seen the photo of them walking down a street and her arm is around him, but that could be a friendly gesture only.

You see, there is no real concrete evidence that these two were actually an item. So that brings me to the “why”. Why would they make something like this up? Well, we’ve already covered why Taylor would want to do that. When people feel sorry for her, for some unknown reason, they run out to the store and buy up her music. And then there’s Jake. Why would Jake fake it? Of course there’s the obvious “he’s gay” rumors (which I think are false, of course.) And then there’s the movie he was trying to promote, Love And Other Drugs.

What do you think? Were they faking it for the media attention? Are they sitting back having a laugh at all of this?

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship made up for publicity? was last modified: September 1st, 2013 by Lydia Harris
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  • liv

    What about the gifts and trips together?

  • angie

    I don’t think they faked it, I think that both are just different in age. Besides Taylor’s not writing a song which is what she normally does, so I think they were together but things didn’t work out. Or maybe they needed space since they were seen around town once again. Not every relationship is bound to last at the very beginning, I just think people are making a big deal out of this for nothing.

  • teapig

    The whole thing reeks of a PR stunt from the timing of their “relationship” (I’m hesitant to use that word considering over the two month period they were linked, they spent a grand total of maybe two weeks in each other’s company due to promotional activities) to the super posed for Us Weekly photos of them together in Park Slope. The articles about them read like bad Taylor Swift fanfiction and the few “candid” shots of them together look awkward. That’s not to say that they aren’t hooking up behind the scenes but there’s nothing about this that looks genuine. My humble opinion is that their PR teams thought it would be good for them to appear as a couple but because the backlash was so negative, they pulled the plug early. Why Jake was in Nashville is anybody’s guess, although judging from the eight miles of space between them I’d say it wasn’t romantic.

  • guest

    I think this is the best article ever! of course everything was fake. The trips, gifts, EVERYTHING was fake. If you remember, he never spent her birthday with her. Gossip cop proved it was all fake.

    But this whole fake thing is bad for both of them. It has made me not really like Taylor or Jake anymore. I think Taylor needs a guy her own age and Jake needs to find a girl his own age.

    He went to Nashville just to stir up the media. I think they were both tired of the sappy stories claiming Taylor is falling apart over Jake. lmao

  • Nicole

    Of course the relationship was fake. Jake would never date a flat chested, dumb as straw loser.