Taylor Swift Likes Being In The Public Eye

Taylor Swift

Country singer Taylor Swift says that she likes being in the public eye, and doesn’t even mind it when she’s photographed with her boyfriends.

She admitted to finding the attention that she has received “amusing.”

She has been linked to former boyfriends Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal, but says that she could never date anyone who wished to hide their relationship.

She said, “If somebody wants to hide a relationship or has privacy issues, then we don’t have the same viewpoint. Because, for me, it’s just like, live your life. If people happen to take pictures then, you know, you laugh about it in the car afterward.”

She also blasted other celebrities who complain about their loss of privacy, saying that her personal life is a part of her job. She revealed that if celebrities don’t like the attention, perhaps they should just get into a different line of work.

She added, “I think it’s just obnoxious if I complain about anything. I hear people talk about, like, ‘Oh, and the intrusions on my privacy.’ It’s like, there are a million other jobs you could have had. For me, I’ve just come to an acceptance of the fact that this is my life.”

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