Taylor Swift & Patrick Schwarzenegger Dating?

Taylor Swift & Patrick Schwarzenegger Dating?

Country singer Taylor Swift spent her 4th of July with the Kennedy family and spent most of her time with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Do you think they would make a cute couple? He definitely beats John Mayer — he’s much younger and less douchey. Ha. Patrick should know, however, that if things between them go south, she’s totally going to write an entire album about him.

A source close to Taylor said, “She is close with the whole family. They are getting to know each other, but she thinks he’s cute, but she didn’t go there just for him.”

According to the latest gossip, Patrick and Taylor spent the day “flirting” and being “playful” with each other all throughout the day. They were photographed hugging each other. Cute, right?

Patrick took to his official Twitter account to say that the holiday was “the best 4th of July I could ask for. Hope everyone had a great day!”

What do you think of the idea of Patrick Schwarzenegger and Taylor Swift dating?

Taylor Swift & Patrick Schwarzenegger Dating? was last modified: July 8th, 2012 by Megan Lindsey
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  • noworeez

    Who doesn’t this sweet, “innocent” young girl date?.. And fast. Geez.

  • Matt

    She didn’t date any of these people. Your just stupid enough to believe all these gossip sites that a hug means they are dating.

    • earsucker

      And you’re stupid enough not to know when to use “your” or “you’re”.  Meh.

  • Hill Johanna

    Who really cares? Is everyone that bored, really?? Lets sit and gossip about people we don’t even know!!! Get over it already…..

  • ShinobiSanmail

    [Insert Schwarzenegger joke here]