Taylor Swift says Selena Gomez is like a sister

Taylor Swift is gushing about her BFF Selena Gomez, saying that the Disney starlet is just like a sister to her.

In a new interview, she said, “In my circle of friends I have Emma Stone, Selena Gomez – she’s like my little sister, Hayley Williams and my best friend Abigail from high school. We all have crazy schedules but we make our time together count and laugh and have hilarious dinners. It’s nice to have people I consider trustworthy, great friends.”

She went on to reveal that she is always open and honest with her friends, adding, “I just give everyone around me a chance to understand what I’m going through. I tell my friends everything I’m feeling and they can relate to any situation I’ve been in. Maybe we haven’t lived exactly the same life, but everybody has days when you’re tired or frustrated.”

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