Taylor Swift Talks Dating & Her Pop Sound

Taylor Swift Talks Dating & Her Pop Sound

Taylor Swift rose to prominence as a country singer who wrote songs about her ex-boyfriends — and now she does neither. She has converted to a full-on pop sound and she doesn’t have any regrets about the change. In her interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine (cover story here), Swift talks about the switch up and reveals that she isn’t dating at the moment.

Of the switch from country to pop, she said, “At a certain point, if you chase two rabbits, you lose them both.”

Her new album “1989” doesn’t have the same boy-centric vibe as her previous works and she says that it’s due to not having any boyfriends. She revealed to the publication, “I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime, and I’m just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore. I don’t like seeing slide shows of guys I’ve apparently dated. I don’t like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows. I don’t like it when headlines read ‘Careful, Bro, She’ll Write a Song About You,’ because it trivializes my work. And most of all, I don’t like how all these factors add up to build the pressure so high in a new relationship that it gets snuffed out before it even has a chance to start. And so, I just don’t date.”

Despite all of that, she isn’t exactly lonely. She said, “I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong.”

When presenting the album to the head of her record label, she was told that it was extraordinary, but that it lacked some country songs. She said in response, “Love you, but this is how it’s going to be.”

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