Taylor Swift To Star In ‘New Girl’ Episode

Taylor Swift To Star In 'New Girl' Episode

It appears that country singer Taylor Swift is taking a break from singing about never getting back together with her exes that she’s planning on starring in an episode of “New Girl“. And here we thought that she was so butt hurt from her breakup with Harry Styles that she was writing 800 gazillion songs about it. MTV reports:

According to Entertainment Weekly, Swift has been cast as Elaine, an “important guest” at the wedding of Jess’ (Deschanel) bestie, Cece (Hannah Simone). While details are thin about how “important” a role Swift will play in those nuptials, we imagine wackiness will ensue, considering that Cece’s ex, Schmidt (Max Greenfield), is still harboring some feelings for her.

Swift is slated to tape her May 14 appearance on the show next week during a break on her Red Tour.

We don’t want to watch her episode unless we get to see heartbreaking footage of which she’ll use later to pen a song that will rake in eight million dollars in five days. We’re just sayin’….

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