Taylor Swift Wants To Keep Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Apart

Taylor Swift Wants To Keep Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Apart

Country singer Taylor Swift is said to be desperate to keep her best friend Selena Gomez away from her former boyfriend Justin Bieber. During a recent awards show, Taylor saw Justin and Selena give each other a quick kiss and then stuck her tongue out as a sign of her displeasure with the public display of affection. Now, we’ve heard that Taylor really just thinks that her BFF needs to move on already.

It was previously reported that Taylor had introduced Selena to Ed Sheeran, followed by reports that they were hooking up – of which were quickly denied. It appears that Taylor has encouraged Selena to go out with Austin Mahone, as an attempt to keep her away from Justin.

A source said, “It was [Taylor’s] idea to push Austin and Selena together because she really likes Austin and thinks he would be a good distraction for Selena right now. She did the same with Ed and Selena – but so far Selena is keeping it strictly friends with both of them. But Taylor’s going to keep trying, she loves hooking up her friends and especially Selena, because she wants to see her with anyone BUT Justin!

The source added, “Selena has a bad habit of taking Justin back again and again so even though she swears it’s over for good I’m sure Taylor’s a little worried that she’ll cave in again.”

Who do you think Selena should date?

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