Teen Mom Amber Portwood is afraid of jail

Yesterday, Indiana authorities charged Teen Mom star Amber Portwood with two felony counts with regard to her attack on fiancee Gary Shirley. Since, she spoke out, saying that there are no felony charges because she didn’t hit Gary in front of their daughter Leah.

Amber’s cousin Krystal says that the tables were turned before Amber and Gary became reality television stars. She went on to reveal that Amber is worried about what’s going to happen next.

She said, “She’s definitely afraid of going to jail. Who wouldn’t be afraid? She’s afraid of the possibility of Leah being taken away and the whole CPS ordeal. She’s not taking it well. She’s not flipping out, but she’s worried about what’s going to happen. But she’s hoping for the best outcome and with everything she’s doing now to better herself she feels she’s going to get the best outcome. She’s trying to get her life on track for Leah and herself. She’s trying to better herself and she’s doing well at it. Amber is portrayed as this villain who hits people, but that’s not who Amber is. Everyone has episodes and gets pissed off. Amber does regret it. But she’s fun loving and has a great personality.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have episodes where I haul off and beat the crap out of someone because I’m angry. Just sayin’.

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