The 16 Most Awkward Sounding Band Names

We’re not saying that the bands listed below suck, just the opposite. They just have really awkward names that will make you think ‘what?’

1. Atreyu

Even though their music kicks butt, the name Atreyu can’t help but to bring back memories of The Neverending Story. Were their parents killed by a purple buffalo after they were born? Probably not, so we’ll forgive the name, and love the music they make.
Atreyu’s MySpace

2. Three Days Grace

Again, love the music, not necessarily the band name. The name Three Days Grace sounds like a grace period that you have to pay back your loan.
Three Days Grace’s MySpace

3. Plain White T’s

At first glance of this band name, I didn’t know exactly what genre it was. I thought it would be rap, but I stand corrected. Are all of the good band names taken? Just sayin’.
Plain White T’s’ MySpace

4. Rise Against

Besides obviously missing something they’re “rising against”, I just couldn’t endorse this band name. It sounds like they have an unfinished sentence. Think: Rage Against The Machine.
Rise Against’s MySpace

5. Papa Roach

Indeed we love the music that comes out of Papa Roach, what would possess you to name your band that? It sounds like he is the head roach in charge. Chicks don’t dig bugs, dude.
Papa Roach’s MySpace

6. Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Makers of fine new rock music, they are indeed. The name is long and lends a thinking to Halloween and the bigger kids going bagsnatching. Why must we scare other kids?
Scary Kid’s MySpace

7. Bowling For Soup

That must be some really good tasting soup. Seriously, who had the eureka moment and decided to name the band Bowling For Soup? They put out good music, though, and that’s the point, right?
Bowling For Soup’s MySpace

8. Reel Big Fish

Are they telling us to reel in big fish? Or, have they mispelled “real”, as in large?
Reel Big Fish’s MySpace

9. Saliva
It’s spit, ’nuff said.
Saliva’s MySpace

10. 3 Doors Down

I still wonder who or what resides three doors down. And, three doors down from where?
3 Doors Down’s MySpace

11. Scissor Sisters

Are they a hair salon? I bet they can cut some serious hair. Appointment at eleven, please.
Scissor Sisters’ MySpace

12. Puddle Of Mudd

Would you step in one? Probably not. Walk around, folks.
Puddle Of Mudd’s MySpace

13. 36 Crazyfists

That’s 18 mean dudes. Or, maybe the name of some Indian Chief who gives a royal beatdown.
36 Crazyfists’ MySpace

14. cKy

Isn’t this a perfume put out by Calvin Klein? I’m sure it smells great.
cKy’s MySpace

15. Dirty Pretty Things

Nothing like an oxymoron to kick off the thoughts in your head about a band. They’re actually quite good, though.
Dirty Pretty Things’ MySpace

16. Say Anything

Sound like an 80’s John Cusack movie to you? Thought so.
Say Anything’s MySpace

Special thanks to Jennifer.

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