The Bachelor: After The Final Rose Recap 3/12/12

The Bachelor: After The Final Rose Recap 3/12/12

As we’ve already spoiled for you, tonight’s After The Final Rose special features a saddened Courtney Robertson. In case you’ve missed our recap of the season finale tonight, you can read that here.

She ignored the boos from the audience and was reduced to tears when host Chris Harrison lobbed love questions her way about the show’s star, Ben Flajnik.

She wasn’t wearing an engagement ring and said that she couldn’t ever trust Ben again completely. She reveals tonight that Ben dumped her manipulative self three months after proposing in November. Ben and Courtney were said to have reconciled recently.

Courtney said that she felt abandoned when Ben broke things off around February 7th. She said, “I had bad days where I stayed in bed and cried.”

Ben joins Courtney on stage where he said that he wants to try again to make their relationship work. He said, “In the last couple of weeks we’ve been able to talk.”

After the broken engagement, Ben presents Courtney with a new engagement ring and asks her to marry him again. He tells her, “I’m going to be there for you forever.”

Stay tuned, after the Bachelor airs, we will be covering the After The Final Rose special to see if all of the spoilers were right!


Chris Harris promises to answer all of the lingering questions surrounding this season of the show. Ben walks up to the stage and he’s sporting some facial hair and his hair is Keanu Reeves-like. Chris is asking Ben about Courtney’s interactions with the other women. Ben got a ton of warnings about how Courtney was.

Ben said he listened to the women, but he was having doubts and needed to do some homework. He was frustrated that America didn’t see the whole story. He said that he wished she was more gracious in those moments with the other women. He said that he and Courtney broke up for a time period as the show aired.

Chris asks Ben if he cheated with another woman per Us Weekly’s report. He said that he has never cheated on Courtney and those “were friends from San Francisco” and “tabloid fodder”. He says that he’s not kissing anyone in those photos.

He said that Courtney tried on wedding dresses to screw with everybody. Afterward, Ben leaves and Courtney arrives on stage to applause and some boos. She says it’s disappointing and heartbreaking and this was supposed to be a story about love. It’s hard to be in the public eye. She feels responsible for the audience’s reaction and she has a little sass in her.

She calls it a very unnatural situation and it brought out the worst in her. She says that she was happiest she’s been in her entire life after the show filmed and it was like a big storm rolled in. She said that he broke things off a week before Valentine’s Day and he didn’t even send flowers or a card.

She says that he was there for her and then he abandoned her when he needed her. She says that there is some trust that’s been lost and it’s disappointing. She was trying to get a hold of Ben to make it work, but he wasn’t responding.

Chris asks if they consider themselves a couple? She says, “Yes, we’re a couple, I think. But I don’t really know.” CUE THE TEARS.

She’s hopeful that they can move forward and says that this is the hardest thing she’s ever gone through. She needs to see him and be normal and they need to talk about a lot. Chris asks where this relationship is going….after the break, Ben and Courtney will be in the hot seat together.

On where they stand now, Ben says they’re in a good place and they are engaged. The negativity is gone and it can only get better. Ben says that he split because he watched Courtney’s behavior with the other women and it was very circumstantial.

Courtney says that she can’t trust Ben completely. She says that she believes in him and what they have. Ben says they weren’t able to be with each other and talk to each other. He knows that this is going to work and they may not get the support from everyone.

Courtney says that she still has some doubts, but she’s sure that Ben does, too. Ben tells her that he wants to be with her and he loves her and won’t abandon her., He says that it’s not been an easy ride and apologizes for not standing by her for this entire journey. He says that’s not how he copes in “real life”. Wait, The Bachelor isn’t real?!? HA.

Now, they get to relive the proposal in Switzerland with Ben awkwardly looking at her boobs every chance he got. Courtney starts to tear up watching the footage and they hold hands. She says it’s nice to see a good reminder of what they’ve been through. Ben is tearing up now. Ben said he knew it was going to be difficult, but he still has all of these feelings for Courtney.

Does he still mean those words and does he still feel the same way as he did in that moment? He says yes. Chris points out that Courtney isn’t wearing her ring, but he’s been carrying it all day. He says that he didn’t know how the show was going to go today. He gives Ben the ring and he puts it back on her finger to the audience’s applause. Ben thinks this will end in a wedding.

Afterward, Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum come to the stage to talk about their relationship and J.P. reveals that Ashley is pregnant!

Ashley says that she can relate to what Courtney was going through and hopefully all of it will remain in the past. She said that you have to be there for each other. J.P. doesn’t think it’s a red flag that they split up and Ben has a really good head on his shoulders.

Afterward, Ashley denies being pregnant and says that’s how rumors get started. J.P. says that they talk about the wedding all of the time and she sends him texts of rings all of the time. They are starting planning their wedding and hopes to be married within a year. Chris said that he would get ordained so that he can marry them.

Chris asks if they already have their baby names picked out and Ashley says yes. She’s not telling him the names, as she doesn’t want the names to be stolen.

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