The Bachelor: After The Final Rose Spoilers

The Bachelor: After The Final Rose Spoilers

Spoiler Alert!

Now that the competition on The Bachelor has been narrowed down to the top two, Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox, Ben Flajnik will have the opportunity to propose to only one woman on next week’s finale. We’ve already heard the countless rumors that Ben chooses Courtney — but we’ve got some scoop that you haven’t heard!

Snitches have revealed that Ben did propose to Courtney, but that they broke up in mid-February. Since, they have gotten back together and he has even presented her with a new ring.

On the March 3rd taping of After The Final Rose, Courtney was sans engagement ring. In addition, she ignored the boos coming from the audience — because she’s been such a nasty person during the show. She was said to be all teary-eyed about her “love” for Ben. When asked if she could ever “trust him fully”, she said, “Not completely.”

Courtney said that Ben dumped her after proposing in November, but has since reconciled with her. During the show, Courtney said that she felt abandoned after getting dumped by Ben around February 7th. She said, “I had bad days where I stayed in bed and cried.”

Later on, she was joined by Ben, who said, “In the last couple weeks we’ve been able to talk.”

It was also revealed that Courtney visited the bridal shop earlier this month as a ploy. Ben said, “Once she saw the photos she wanted to…shift focus. What better way than to go shopping for wedding dresses.”

He proposed to her again and also presented her with another engagement ring. He told her, “I’m going to be there for you forever.”

The show airs on ABC, March 12, 2012 right after the season finale. Will you be watching?

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