The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Has Already Dumped His Fiance?

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Has Already Dumped His Fiance?

We’ve all heard the reports from Reality Steve that spoil the ending of this season of The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then look away!

Reportedly, Ben ends up with that annoying model, Courtney Robertson. During the filming of the show, he was oblivious to her shenanigans with the other ladies. He was warned to tread carefully around Courtney, but chose not to listen.

Life & Style reports that in a scene in Switzerland, which was filmed on November 16th, Ben got down on one knee and proposed to his chosen woman. She said yes and now, just three months later, their relationship has already gone down the tubes. Of course it has, he’s been able to watch the show with us, so he now sees what he was blind to before.

A source revealed, “They have totally cooled off. They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn’t call her, he doesn’t text. She keeps saying, ‘What kind of a fiance is this?’ In her mind, he’s pretty much dumped her.”

Ben was sincere in his engagement to the final woman, but as he’s watched the show, he realizes that the women aren’t who they seemed. The insider said, “Ben started to feel like he got played.”

The snitch went on to say that Ben already wants to move on and get a place in New York City with some of his friends. A source close to the winner/Courtney, said, “She thinks Ben’s cheating on her. She knows he’s been running around New York with other girls and not calling her. She thinks he’s a coward. She just wishes he’d end it already – otherwise maybe she’ll do it herself.”

Or could this be Courtney’s way of pre-empting the thought that she would dump HIM after the show? It was said over and over during the show that she wasn’t there for the right reasons, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

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  • Lalacosta89

    Why would Ben move to a state clear across the U.S. when his business is in California?

  • italy4

    Only watched 3 episodes this season, because I did not care much for Ben during the Bachelorette. He appears rather shallow and insincere.  My guess is that he picked Courtney because she is just as shallow as he is…he is not ready for a long term relationship.