The Bachelor Cast-Off Emily O’Brien Happy Ben Flajnik Sent Her Home

The Bachelor Cast-Off Emily O'Brien Happy Ben Flajnik Sent Her Home

The Bachelor’s newest cast-off, Emily O’Brien is glad to be off of Ben Flajnik’s radar! Ben took the ladies to Belize on the latest episode, where he said goodbye to Emily along with Rachel Trueheart. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read the full recap here.

Emily said that she is actually thankful that Ben sent her packing on this week’s episode of the show. She revealed, “I’ve had people say I dodged a bullet. I don’t think Ben was ready for a long-term commitment. I won’t be happy if Ben ends up with Lindzi, Nicki or Kacie. I think they deserve someone a little bit different or maybe someone who’s a little more on their level or a little more grounded. Certainly, I think Courtney and Ben are what each other are looking for.”

As Reality Steve has already pointed out in his spoilers for the show, Ben does end up with Courtney Robertson in the end. It’s also been rumored that Ben has already left whoever he was engaged to.

Ben encouraged the ladies to open up to him after it was revealed that Casey S. already had a boyfriend back home. So, Emily took it upon herself to let Ben know that Courtney wasn’t a very nice person. She said, “He started to see me as antagonistic of what he wanted, which was Courtney. I wish that he had supported me and encouraged me instead of reacting the way that he did. I want someone who respects my opinion and respects my feelings.”

She went on to say, “The most bothersome thing is this double-standard in terms of speaking with Ben. HE asked for openness and honesty and that’s the only reason I trusted him to talk about Courtney. I think it would have been a mistake to bring him home knowing what I know now. He is not the type of guy that I would want to bring home to my family…So, I’m relieved.”

On the topic of Courtney, she said, “It’s sad that she had a hard time and that she’s having a hard time now with all the fall out. But I’d encourage her to take this as a lesson. If you want people to like you, you have to change your attitude and be nice.”

We don’t think Courtney cares if anyone likes her or not…Do you?

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