The Bachelor Recap: Sean Lowe Chooses His Final Two Ladies

The Bachelor Recap: Sean Lowe Chooses His Final Two Ladies

On last night’s episode of “The Bachelor” with Sean Lowe, the man of the hour whittled his remaining three ladies down to two. Have you been watching the show? If not, you can read the full episode recap for last week’s show here.

After last week’s show, remaining in the competition were AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay. Sean whisked away the three remaining competitors to Si Kao, Thailand where they had the chance to take part in the Fantasy Suite dates. Did any of them accept?

Sean’s dates included a trip to a Thai market, along with a secluded beach which was surrounded by a rain forest and a sexy afternoon boat ride on the water. Sean pondered throughout the evening as to what his future would be like with each of his three ladies…but only two made the cut!

To find out who Sean chose to be in his final two, click HERE for the full episode recap. In the end, there can only be one lady of whom Sean chooses to spend the rest of his life. Who will it be? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

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