The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 6 2/6/12

The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 6 2/7/12

We have already had quite the crazy drama with this season of The Bachelor, so why should tonight be any different? In episode six of the sixteenth season, Bachelor Ben Flajnik takes the competitors to Panama! As always, if you’ve missed last week’s show, you can read our full recap here.

From ABC’s synopsis of tonight’s show:

Ben and the women travel to Panama; a two-on-one date ends with one woman being sent home; Kacie B. opens up to Ben; Chris confronts Casey S. about a secret she has been keeping.

What secret could she possibly be keeping? We’ve heard rumors that she is already engaged to someone else….or that she already has a boyfriend back home.

Also of note, Kacie B. is said to get the one-on-one date with Ben, while he takes some of the remaining ladies to a face painting thing at a local tribe. We’ve heard rumors that tonight, Casie S., Blakely and Jamie all get eliminated from the show.

Will Emily still try to pound it into Ben’s head that Courtney is no good? From the previews, we’ve seen that it might just take a group intervention for Ben to see how conniving Courtney really is.


Kacie B. got the date card and Blakely is jealous! Courtney also chimes in saying that she hopes Ben sends her home. Ugh, this woman. He whisks her away to a private island where they dig a bunch of stuff out of their bags for some relationship teamwork. They catch some fish together and they both have a good time. Ben doesn’t look so “caveman-like” tonight…Weird. At dinner, she opens up with him.

Meanwhile, the other ladies receive a date card. Ben wants to take Emily, Nicki, Lyndzi, Casie S., Courtney and Jamie on a group date. Later, Blakely and Rachel are going on a two-on-one date. Rachel says that the date is going to be awkward, while Blakely is excited.


Update: Holy crap, Courtney Robertson took off her bikini…See the photos HERE.

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