The Bachelor Sean Lowe Is A Diva On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Is A Diva On 'Dancing With The Stars'

The former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe is a diva while on the set of this season’s “Dancing With The Stars”. Who knew?!?

He was quick to jump from “The Bachelor” to be the surprise addition to this season’s otherwise boring cast of the show. Apparently that has all gotten to his head. A snitch on the inside said that ever since he began filming the show, Sean has been a total diva. He was said to be demanding to be shot from certain camera angles, talking down to crew members and acting like a total and complete brat. Even worse, he’s so full of himself that he’s telling other celebrities, “This show NEEDS me.”

TMZ has more:

We’re told Sean’s ego has gotten so big … he now considers himself a brand and must “market accordingly”.

As for other cast members … we’re told they’ve already started brainstorming nicknames for the reality star in light of his behavior — like Princess Sean — but have yet to find just the right one.

We could probably think of a couple.

FYI — The executive producer of “DWTS,” Conrad Green, tells TMZ, “Sean is a pleasure and there is nothing diva-like about him.”

He must think he’s so special, doesn’t he? What do you think of this nonsense? Did you think that Sean Lowe was a nice guy because of his stint on “The Bachelor”? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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