The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2 Review

The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2 Review

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was filled with a lot of drama, drama, drama! As the remaining 18 women vied for bachelor Ben Flajnik’s affections, emotions were running high in the Bachelor house.

Ben took the ladies to his hometown of Sonoma, so that he could let them get to know something about his upbringing. In case you’ve missed the show, you can check out our official recap of the show at this link.

The show started off all cutesy as Ben invited Kacie B. out for a one-on-one date. They took a stroll, went to dinner and ended up in a movie theater. In the theater, they both watched footage of the other, growing up. Ben was emotional as he viewed his late father on the screen. It was a touching, romantic and sweet date and it was obvious that he and Kacie B. had a connection.

Afterward, he told twelve of the ladies that he was taking them to act in a play written by playwrights. As it turned out, the playwrights were actually a group of kids. It was a cute play, but in the end of that, he gave conniving Blakely a rose. Ugh, I already can’t stand this chick.

Even after she got the rose from Ben, she was still stealing him away from all of the ladies every chance she got. She’s evil, obviously.

Afterward, he sent a date card for model, Courtney Robertson. She rubbed it in the other ladies’ faces that she shared a connection with Ben. Another evil chick, this one. She seems weird to me, in her facial expressions.

We were glad to see him let go of the crazy one, the blogger, Jenna. Holy crap, was she really breaking down about getting eliminated in week two? Does she do anything other than cry and whine? We may never know (nor do we want to).

What was your favorite part of the show? Sound off in the comments!

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