The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 3 Spoilers & Preview 1/16/12

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 3 Spoilers 1/16/12

Tonight is an all new episode of The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik and we’ve got some spoilers as to what goes down! Last week, we saw the exit of single mother Shawn Reynolds and Jenna Burke, so who’s not going to make the cut this week? Read on!


Ben takes Emily O’Brien on a one-on-one date where they scale the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Afterward, he takes some of the remaining ladies on a group skiing date in San Francisco…in bikinis!

Later on, he shares a one-on-one date with Lindzi Cox in a trolley tour. How cute.

As far as who gets eliminated tonight? Well, it’s not as easy as just that. You see, Brittney voluntarily leaves the show. In case you don’t remember who Brittney is, she’s the one who brought her grandmother with her to meet Ben.

There is also a mystery woman who comes into play on tonight’s show. It’s Shawntel Newton! In case memory doesn’t serve, she’s the funeral director who tried to capture Brad Womack’s heart.

Onto the eliminations… Brittney leaves and Ben isn’t feeling Shawntel’s plays for his heart. She doesn’t get a rose. After Erika Uhlig faints on the show, she gets the axe…followed by Jaclyn Swartz.

Tune into the show tonight and follow our live recap at 8PM EST! We’ll have the scoop and the highlights from the best parts of the show! Stay tuned!

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