The Bachelorette 2012 Recap: Emily Maynard’s Week 7 6/25/12

The Bachelorette 2012 Recap: Emily Maynard's Week 7 6/25/12

On ABC tonight is an all new episode of “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard. On week seven of the show, Emily takes the guys to Prague. After their one-on-one dates last week, Emily eliminated Ryan and Travis from the running to be her future husband. In case you’ve missed week six of the reality dating competition, we’ve recapped it here for your perusal.

Tonight, Emily will whittle down the competition from six guys to four. Last week, Emily had a “Bachelorette” first when she asked the show’s host for another rose to hand out at the rose ceremony. There has been a lot of fuss surrounding Arie Luyendyk on tonight’s show and whether or not Emily will be able to trust him. She learns that Arie dated one of the show’s producers, Cassie Lambert, in the past. Will she eliminate one of the guys who she appears to be the closest? Or will Arie be kept for another week?

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show at 8PM EST as it airs on ABC. In the meantime, tell us who you think Emily will eliminate.


Emily and her six remaining bachelors are in Prague and she wants to see the guys for who they are. Chris greets the guys and tells them that this is the final week before the hometown dates. There aren’t any roses on the one-on-one dates, but there will be a group rose.

Sean has the date card and it’s going to Arie. It reads “Let’s Czech out Prague together”. Arie comments that he’s fallen in love with Emily after only two dates and he’s excited to see her. He really wants the opportunity to taker her his hometown.

Emily says that she likes to kiss Arie, but there’s something she knows about him that he’s not telling her. Chris reveals that Arie had a brief relationship with the producer, Cassie Lambert. Emily is upset that he’s keeping that from her.

Chris is back in Los Angeles, telling us about Arie’s past with Cassie. Cassie apparently told Emily about her brief romance with Arie. Emily is upset that he’s comfortable with hiding that he even knows her. Emily says that she feels really stupid. Emily said that it has come up before and she would’ve been happy if he would’ve come forward with the news that they really knew each other.

Back on their date, Emily asks Arie if he’s being completely honest with her. He says that he’s a good reflection of who he is. He says that you trust someone until they give you a reason not to. He goes on to say that trustworthiness is the most important thing and it’s better to be upfront and honest.

In being honest with her, he tells her that he has a tattoo of a girl’s name on him. Ha. That wasn’t exactly what she was looking for from him. Chris tells us that Emily, Arie and Cassie had a talk about their brief relationship and agreed that it was so long ago that it doesn’t even matter. The show cuts to Arie on his dinner date with Emily and he apologizes for not telling her sooner. They kiss.

Back at the hotel, the other guys are talking about Arie’s date with Emily. A date card arrives and it’s for John and it says, “In Prague, all you need is love.” Sean doesn’t want to lose his cool over her date with John, but he seems disappointed.

Arie is reassuring Emily that his family will love her when they visit his hometown. He tells her that he realized in Croatia that he loves her and just wants her to know where his heart is. She tells him that if things keep going this way, nothing would make her happier. She tells him that he made her the happiest girl and that it was everything she wanted to hear. Anddddddd there’s fireworks!

John and Emily are going on their one-on-one date to the Lennon Wall where they paint notes on it. She wants to figure our her romantic connection to him. They go to a lover’s fence where they lock their locks on to symbolize their love for each other. They can’t get the lock closed, but were able to after putting the key in.

Back at the hotel, Arie, Chris and Jef are talking about John’s date with Emily. Chris just wants to hang out with Emily and is tired of not spending any time with her. Jef calls it an emotional rollercoaster and Chris goes to make himself a drink. In his confessional, he says that he’s going crazy and just wants to spend time with her.

John and Emily are headed to a dungeon to have dinner. He tells her that he dates girls like himself and the last girl he dated cheated on him a day after their first year anniversary. He tells her that he could definitely fall in love with her. She knows why he moves so slow now — because he got his heart broken. They kiss. He says that he’s falling for her, but it’s a slow process for him.

At the hotel, a date card comes and it’s for Sean, Doug and Chris and it says, “Let’s find our happily ever after.” Chris is upset that he’s not getting the one-on-one date. John comes back and tells the guys that his date with Emily was a ten on a scale from one to ten. Sean says that he has got to see Emily so that he can let her know what’s on his mind. He leaves the hotel in search of Emily, yelling her name throughout the streets. He catches up to her and tells her that he had to see her.

He tells her that he wasn’t thrilled about being on the group date and asks what she’s doing out there walking by herself. She loves that he had the confidence to go out and find her and that he just didn’t care. She says she likes being around him and he makes her happy. He tells her that if he has to share her with 20 guys just to get five minutes then he will. They share a bunch of kisses.

Sean, Chris and Doug arrive for their group date with Emily. They’re taking a horse drawn carriage to the top of a hill and there’s a castle up there. Doug thanks her for being a gracious host and they all cheers with their glasses. She says he has a lot of qualities that she’s looking for, but doesn’t know if they share a connection. She tells him that she wants to get to know him better and he really wants her to meet his son and best friend. She feels like Doug doesn’t want to get closer to her because of his body language. She stops while they are walking and tells him that she’s been waiting for him to show her that he’s into her. She says that there’s no moving at all between them, which prompts him to kiss her. She doesn’t feel as if he’s fighting for her and she wants to be with a guy who wants to be with her. She tells him that she has way too much respect for him to keep him away from his son any longer. He says that he feels really stupid for giving her a kiss. He leaves, crying, saying that one day he’ll find the right girl and have a family.

Afterward, she has a two-on-one date with Chris and Sean. There’s a rose on this date. During their time, Emily asks Sean if anyone found out about him sneaking out to see her. She tells him that she woke up smiling. He reassures her that his parents will love her. Sean and Emily are kissing and Chris is apparently getting jealous.

Meanwhile, the last date card comes and it’s for Jef. It says, “This is your last chance to pull at my heartstrings.” At the two-on-one date, Emily takes Chris aside. He wants to know why he didn’t get a one-on-one date. He’s upset that she’s made him wait for a date since Charlotte. He says that he is falling in love with her and she should meet his family. Back to both of the guys, the group date rose is on the table. She takes the rose and gives it to Sean. He’s miffed that she’s ready to meet Sean’s family and not his.

Back the hotel, the guys are all talking when Emily picks up Jef for their one-on-one date. They go a walk and end up in a marionette shop. He says that he would be the luckiest guy in the world to have a future with her. He gives her his marionette and goes to get another one for Ricki.

Afterward, they go to the library with their marionettes and act out every scene from their relationship. This is cute. He tells her that he’s one million percent in love with her and asks if they can get a dog together. They sit down and talk about his past relationships. He tells her that he broke up with a girl previously because his parents didn’t like her. She wants his parents to like her and says it’s a lot of pressure.

They are laying on the floor and are talking about having kids and getting married. He says that he wants to grow old with her and have a family with her. Going into the rose ceremony, Jef says that Chris and John are on the hot seat. Chris is terrified because he didn’t really “bring it” on his group date with Emily. John isn’t worried because he’s confident that he’s going to get a rose.

Chris tells the guys that there is going to be no cocktail party and that she knows exactly what she wants to do tonight. They’re going straight into the rose ceremony. Chris is outside pacing and is really upset and crying.

It’s time for the rose ceremony and Chris says he’s a nervous wreck. Sean already has a rose and there are three left to be doled out. She tells the guys that the purpose of the cocktail parties was to have any unanswered questions answered, but tonight she didn’t have any. She takes a rose and gives the first one to Arie, he accepts. Next, she gives a rose to Arie, who also accepts. With one final rose left, Chris interrupts the ceremony to talk to her and John is stressing. Chris tells Emily that he should’ve been more respectful on their date yesterday. He tells her that he’s ready to be the man that she deserves.

Back at the rose ceremony, Emily gives the last rose to Chris. Are you surprised that John is being eliminated?

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