The Bachelorette 2012 Recap: Emily Maynard’s Week 9 7/9/12

The Bachelorette 2012 Recap: Emily Maynard's Week 9 7/9/12

On ABC tonight is an all new episode of “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard. Remaining in the competition for Emily’s love and affection are Sean Lowe, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jef Holm. On tonight’s show, they all venture off to the Caribbean island of Curaçao for some fun in the sun. In case you’ve missed last week’s show when Emily eliminated Chris Bukowski after the hometown dates, you can read our fully detailed recap here.

WARNING: This post contains obvious spoilers for the episode of “The Bachelorette”, which airs tonight, July 9, 2012 at 8PM EST on ABC. Please do not continue reading if you do not wish to be spoiled.

Tonight are the Fantasy Suite dates, in which Emily will have the opportunity to offer up an overnight date (courtesy of Chris Harrison) to her remaining guys. We’ve learned via “Reality Steve” that Arie is the guy who does not get an invitation to spend the night. Their date actually ends during dinner because she “doesn’t trust herself.” Interesting.

Emily chooses to offer both Sean and Jef fantasy suite cards, of which they accept. On camera, we won’t see either of them actually spending the night with her. At the rose ceremony, Emily says goodbye to Sean, leaving Arie and Jef as her final two contenders.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show, along with highlights.


The show opens tonight with Emily talking about falling in love with more than one person and that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She is in Curacao waiting on Sean, Arie and Jef to arrive. Now, she’s talking about how she feels about Sean and what a great guy he is. Next, she talks about all of the good things about Jef. She says Jef has an edge, but he is a really sweet guy. Lastly, she talks about her connection with Arie and how they really hit it off.

First up for a date is Sean and they’re getting on a helicopter to see Curacao. She is talking about how he hasn’t said “I love you” yet. He doesn’t know when or how he’s going to tell her, but is hoping that it will come out naturally. They are on the beach talking about how she met his family and his previous relationships. She gives him the perfect opening to tell her how he feels. He tells her that he’s crazy about her, but in the confessional he says that it’s hard to tell someone that he loves them.

After dark, they’re on the beach and she asks him how he feels. He doesn’t want her to have any concerns about him being distracted by anyone else. Sean wrote Ricki a letter, assuming that he and Emily are together. It’s a heartfelt letter in which he tells her that he’s not trying to replace her dad. She asks if he can see himself getting engaged and he replies by saying that he can’t stop thinking about her and can’t picture his life without her. He finally tells her that he has fallen in love with her and she tells him that it makes her so so happy. She gives him a note and it’s from Chris — a fantasy suite invitation. He accepts. They kiss in the sauna and it appears somewhat awkward. Later, we see them kissing at the door as he is leaving. In his confessional, he says that he has no doubt that he wants to “marry that girl”.

Next up for their time together is Jef. He says it’s not over until he proposes to her and they can leave together as a couple. They are on a boat talking about his hometown date. His family approved of her, even though his parents were skeptical at first. They talk about meeting each other’s parents and how she feels he would be a good parent. He loves her and wants to spend every day with her like it’s their last.

He says that he doesn’t know what it’s like to be around her with her daughter Ricki. He asks where she would want to live if they’re together. She doesn’t expect him to move to Charlotte and says that she would move wherever he is. He wouldn’t mind a fresh start, as well. He tells her that he wouldn’t change anything about any of their time together because he’s crazy about it. He asks her if she feels he’s a good fit for him and would he be a good father figure for her. She says that she was spending time with Ricki, picturing that someone else was there and that she could picture him there with them.

She gives him the Fantasy Suite card. He says it would be awesome but that her daughter and both of their families will be watching this. He says there is a time and a place and he plans on spending every night with her in their own fantasy suite. She thanks him for being a gentleman and says that they can just hang out for a little bit. They head to the fantasy suite and it’s a tree house. They sit together, kiss and he tells her that he loves her. Aww. She tells him that she feels so strongly about him that a few more hours together won’t change anything. He leaves, but says that it’s hard to do so.

Lastly, Emily goes on her date with Arie and is greeted by a big kiss. They go swimming with dolphins. They’re on the boat talking about his favorite parts of their dates. She says that they have strong physical chemistry. She wants to figure out if there’s more to them than just physical chemistry. She wants to know what he does on a daily basis. He sleeps in until 9AM and she’s usually up by 6:30AM. He has questions about their future and where they would live. She wouldn’t mind living in Scottsdale with him if that’s best for Ricki.

He says she makes him feel like the man in the relationship and she gives him confidence. He commented to her that a relationship with Ricki is something that he would have fun building up slowly. She says the fantasy suite is a total inner struggle for her. She isn’t going to give him the card for the fantasy suite because she doesn’t trust herself, but adds, “Good Lord, he’s hot.”

Emily talks to Chris about whether or not she’s prepared to make a decision tonight. She says she has to follow her heart. She says Ricki and she would blend in perfectly with each of the guys. She’s falling in love with each of the guys in different ways. Each of the guys has made her private personal video messages. (FILLER FILLER FILLER)

Emily is blathering on about how she only has two roses left tonight. Obviously she knows that she still has 22 minutes to kill on the show. Of course, now is video confessional time for the guys. Sean is up first in his, telling her that he’s head over heels in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He loves her and never wants her to forget that.

Jef is up next and is telling her that he is completely in love with her. He says their dates together have changed his life forever. He knew he was in love with her in Croatia. He promises to always defend her and protect her. He can’t wait to meet Ricki and become a family. He loves her and can’t wait for their future together.

Lastly, Arie tells her that their first date in Dollywood was amazing and he knew that they would fit so well together. He tells her that his heart is always racing to her. He always knows what she’s feeling. The best part of her is that she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is inside and out and he loves her so much.

At the rose ceremony, she gives the first rose to Jef, who accepts. The last rose goes to Arie! Sean is eliminated from the competition. Jef says that it’s got to be so tough on him and her. He’s such a nice guy. Sitting together, he tells her that he doesn’t know what to say. He feels kind of stupid and that he didn’t see this coming. He cares about her and tells her that she ultimately has to do what’s best for her. She walks him out, crying (probably because she still has four minutes to fill). In the ride back, Sean said when he saw her walk out, he thought in his head, ‘That’s my wife.’ He had a beautiful picture of what their lives would be like and now it’s gone. He’s sad and embarrassed.

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