The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Feuding With Ricki’s Grandparents

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Feuding With Ricki's Grandparents

“The Bachelorette” Emily Maynard is said to be feuding with her deceased fiance’s parents, according to reports. The latest Hollywood gossip surrounding the reality star is that his parents are miffed at her for having her six-year-old daughter Ricki on the show.

“Us Weekly” reports that Ricky Hendricks’ parents are still giving Emily financial support, but they are not too keen on the idea of having their granddaughter in the spotlight.

A source revealed, “When Emily went on The Bachelor, they weren’t pleased, but they supported her. Now they’re not speaking. They don’t want their grandchild in the spotlight. They are private people.”

Instead of forgoing the show altogether, Emily had the show filmed in her home state of North Carolina. The source said, “They didn’t want Ricki uprooted. They also wanted Ricki kept out of the spotlight, not exploited.”

Emily is said to be engaged to the winner of the show, but that won’t be unveiled on the network until the season finale — which airs on July 16th. Rumor has it that Emily has become “difficult” since being the star of the show. The spy added, “She is painted in this Mother Teresa light. She is a nice girl, but she isn’t as good as she’s made out to be. She knew she was the star, so she became a bit of a diva.”

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  • Chris Di Liberti

    the sad thing is that this bachelorette like others is takeing a chance that after all is said and done that she and her child will ,God willing,have someone who cares about them to work hard and do what ever it takes to make the relationship work.old saying goes…anyone can be a father but it takes a hell of a man to be a dad….when dealing with tv pressure and family pressure it has to be tough by ones self….but if done together for the sake of 3 how can they loose.i pray all will be well for childs sake…..and moms