The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Is A Maneater

The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Is A Maneater

The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik is a fool for not realizing how nasty Courtney Robertson is to the other ladies on the show. It has become obvious during the course of the show that Courtney is only in it to win it and doesn’t seem to care about who she steps on in her path.

Apparently, Ben is going to find out about her scheming! It’s about time someone opened Ben’s eyes to that nonsense — it’s gone on long enough! In addition, according to the tabloid, Courtney has a secret sex tape that could ruin her. Who knew? She does seem like the exhibitionist type, though, doesn’t she?

“Catty insults, heavy drinking, shocking nudity” — the girls are telling all! I can’t wait to hear how bad it really is in the Bachelor house. Aside from all of her strange facial expressions, she is just a nasty person. Does she really care about Ben? Or is it all about “winning”??

Do you think she is portrayed realistically on the show? Or do you think she is the victim of editing? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts. As always, we recap The Bachelor every Monday, even though we’re pretty sure that he’s going pick Courtney in the end. Stay tuned!

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