The best concert ever!

In case you didn’t know it, I’m an insanely huge Def Leppard fan. If you know me personally, then this isn’t exactly a surprise.

So when the music channel came together to put our posts together about our favorite concerts, I figured this one was going to be really easy.

The Def Leppard Euphoria concert was the best concert I’ve ever been to. That may be because it was also my first, too, but seriously, it rocked. Opening for them was some unknown band who really sucked and could barely be heard.

I went there with my ex-husband, who wasn’t a fan by any stretch of the imagination. But they played all of their hits and encored with Love Bites. We had lawn seats, which sucked, but the concert was electric just the same.

I stood up like a tard with a lighter and held it high and proud…..just the same as I would today. They still rock.

The only concert that would even come close to being near this ultimate concert status, was the Kiss/Aerosmith concert. Both were sweet concerts, but Euphoria takes the prize.

Can’t wait to see them again!

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