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The Hobbit Earns $84.8 Million At The Box Office

The Hobbit Earns $84.8 Million At The Box Office

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” took over the box office ticket sales this weekend, earning a whopping $84.8 million in sales. This marks a record for becoming the biggest opening in December ever! The film took over sales at the box office, passing up “Avatar” and “I Am Legend”. “Avatar” previously held the record for the biggest opening at $77.2 million and “Avatar” opened with $77 million. In addition, it surpassed the final “Lord Of The Rings” movie, “Return Of The King”, which earned $72.6 million for its opening weekend.

After “The Hobbit”, “Rise Of The Guardians” nabbed second place with $7.4 million, with “Lincoln” in third place with $7.2 million. “Skyfall” took fourth place with $7 million, “Life Of Pi” in fifth with $5.4 million and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2″ in sixth place with $5.2 million. In seventh place was “Wreck-It Ralph” with $3.3 million. Eighth place went to “Playing For Keeps” with earnings of $3.2 million. In ninth place was the “Red Dawn” remake with a total in earnings of $2.4 million. In tenth place was “Silver Linings Playbook” with earnings of $2.1 million.

What did YOU see this weekend?

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