The Kaiser Chiefs are working on their album by mail

The Kaiser Chiefs are currently working on their upcoming album, and they are using the Royal Mail Service as a means of communication.

They are working on the followup album to 2008’s “Off With Their Heads”, but are taking their own sweet time.

Singer Ricky Wilson said, “We’re playing around at the moment. I’m sending him words and lyrics in the mail. He’s sending me CDs in the mail. We’re actually utilizing the Royal Mail quite a lot – it’s quite nice because you find you’re a little less embarrassed about what you send each other.”

He goes on to reveal that boredom got them back together to work on new material. He added, “After a couple of months we got bored, then I got really bored, then mind-numbingly bored and that’s when you start thinking about the fact you want to get up and do something again. I haven’t felt this creative since we first started.”

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