The ‘National Enquirer’ Claims Tom Cruise Is Gay (PHOTO)

The 'National Enquirer' Claims Tom Cruise Is Gay (PHOTO)

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the “National Enquirer”. Inside this issue, the magazine makes the lofty claim that Cruise is gay. So basically, they are all out of ideas…

Tom is said to be at the center of two explosive scandals that threaten to blow the lid off of his personal life. What scandals? We need MORE INFO! From the tabloid:

While the Hollywood megastar has long insisted that he is not a homosexual, nightmare rumors — said to be about Cruise and his sexuality — have made it into print.

The incredible claims and outrageous allegations involving same sex love affairs appear in Amy Sohn’s new book “The Actress.”

The so-called “roman a clef” offers a thinly veiled version of Cruise’s life — complete with sham marriages and “fake looking relationships with women,” say reports.

Sources close to the superstar say that Cruise is “fit to be tied” over the fictional book’s claims about his life.

Not only that — but an explosive lawsuit as well that may expose details of his private life!

What do you think of this nonsense? Is it possible that after being married to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, that Tom Cruise is actually gay and is covering it up quite nicely? Or is it possible that the “Enquirer” drudged this story up because they got tired of calling Kirstie Alley close to death?


We have since learned that “Gossip Cop” is calling this story out for what it is….rehashed garbage. Basically, there is nothing to see here, so we can all move on with our days.

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