The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Flew To See Kris Humphries

The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Flew To See Kris Humphries

After 72 days of marriage, reality star Kim Kardashian announced that she was getting divorced from husband Kris Humphries. The announcement came on Halloween and right afterward, everyone on the planet called her marriage a sham. In response, Kim told her fans that it wasn’t an easy decision to make and that she wanted the marriage to last forever.

Since basically no one was buying her BS about their marriage being real, she decided to release an entire statement of horse crap on her official website. Adding to the Kardashian Kraziness, Kim said that she was so distraught by the failure of her marriage that she couldn’t function. We prayed to the Heavens above that this statement wasn’t fake, but she’s still functioning — we’ll keep trying.

Then, Kim revealed how much of a douchebucket she really is when it was found out that she actually warned her family members about the divorce before actually telling Kris. Yep, he had to learn it just like you did — the news.

As if to further cement her point that she’s not some robot devoid of real feelings, she flew out to Minnesota to talk to Kris, face-to-face. Hollywood Life has revealed exactly what her motivation was for doing that.

Their source revealed, “Kim visited Kris so that he wouldn’t talk to the press. She was making sure that he wouldn’t do anything stupid and lay low and not talk to any media outlets about their relationship. She seems more about controlling how her brand is affected than reconciling the relationship.”

Are you surprised? You know what I love most about this drama is that it’s already become the butt of lame jokes all over television.

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