The top 5 funniest music video parodies

Darren Rowse over at Problogger has started another Group Writing Contest. This time, the theme is “The top 5” of anything and at his instruction, we are to be as creative as we like and take this in any direction.

My top five is the funnies musical parodies out there today.

5. The fifth on the list starts with a Fergie parody of “Fergalicious” done by Greg Scarnici and the Oompa Loompettes:

4. Fourth on the list is this parody of James Blunt’s “You’re beautiful”, called “My cubicle”:

3. Third on the list is this parody done to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”, perfectly titled, “Just Google”:

2. Second on the list is the Paris Hilton parody, “Bitch and whine”. This is just hilarious:

1. And the top of the parody list goes to Weird Al Yankovic, of course, with his rendition of “White ‘N Nerdy”:

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