The Top 8 Guitar Hero Games I’d Like To See

The Guitar Hero franchise has become quite the staple of family gaming in my house. We love them, the kids love them, and seemingly, the rest of the music gamers out there do, too.

Alas, this is the only Guitar Hero game we’ve yet to purchase, but never fear, we will soon. We’ll play it until the disc dies, I’m sure.

What if you could choose which rock gods came out with a Guitar Hero game? Who would you pick? Here’s my favorite top eight choices, in no particular order.


Can you imagine jamming out to Love Gun or Strutter? How about rocking out to Detroit Rock City or Rock N Roll All Nite? I can’t figure out why Gene Simmons hasn’t capitalized on this idea yet. He’s got the Kiss name on everything else under the sun. Why not a video game?


This one was just obvious for me. Who wouldn’t break out that Les Paul and wail along to some Led Zeppelin? I want to play Black Dog, Rock And Roll, Misty Mountain Hop, and some Kashmir. This band was a fixture in the 70’s, 80’s and they still are. I wish they would get back together already.


Jump, Why Can’t This Be Love, Hot For Teacher…I could go on. They could even add some of David Lee Roth’s solo stuff as an added bonus. I’d buy it. Van Halen rocks. Heck, they could probably throw in some Sammy Hagar for good measure, it’d still be alright.


There, I said it. Elvis Presley deserves a nod on this list, too. He was a great singer and did some guitar playing in his day. If the powers that be at Activision can add Cream into the mix, then why not some of the King? They could put in Don’t Be Cruel, All Shook Up, Heartbreak Hotel, and Blue Suede Shoes. If you haven’t heard of these, please consult the wonderful people at Wikipedia.


Nirvana also deserves a mention on the list of bands that I would love Guitar Hero to make into a new version of the game. Why? Because THEY’RE NIRVANA. Courtney Love can’t take away what they’ve already done for the music industry, but she could probably give this one the go-ahead. Maybe one day in one of her drunken/druggie rants on MySpace, she might have a moment of enlightenment and think of Kurt’s fans. They could include the entire Nevermind album, along with In Utero. I’d eat it up. I always wanted to play Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Heart-Shaped Box, and Lithium, to name a few.


Enter in The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne. I know that he wasn’t the guitarist on any of his albums, but how could you ignore the music that he made. Don’t you want to play Crazy Babies, Crazy Train, or any other “Crazy” stuff he can come up with? I do. He’s classic, for sure. I want to rock out to Mr. Crowley, Goodbye To Romance (even though that’s a slow one), Iron Man (this one would go without saying), and Suicide Solution. RIP Randy Rhoads.


A classic band if there ever was one. Even though the lead singer, Jerry Garcia has passed on, him and the Deadheads will always live on. I’d play Touch Of Grey, wouldn’t you? If you were born after 1980, then you’ve probably never heard of these guys. Truckin’ was also a good song to play the guitar to, along with Johnny B. Goode. I know it wasn’t there’s originally, but the Activision gods would probably get somebody to cover it anyways.


It was already rumored last October that Harmonix (which means it’s likely to go the route of Rock Band) was thinking about doing a video game for The Beatles catalog, so let’s hope that comes to fruition. I want to play Can’t Buy Me Love, Help, Let It Be, which is heavy on the piano playing, but would still make a good track to include. RIP George Harrison and John Lennon.

Who would you add?

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