The top five bands that I would erase from history

You know there are several bands out there that you would erase from history if you could. It might be the Backstreet Boys, for some, and rappers like DMX for others. Here’s my list:

I would have to start with 80’s one-hit wonder, Stryper. They only produced one really good hit and that was Honestly. They did their whole ‘yellow and black attack’ thing and was really just a blemish on the entire music scene.

Michael Sweet (and the fact that I know his name scares me) had his little fluffy ‘do and headband and sang whatever message about God that he was trying to inflict upon us. Run. Now.

Gone! Next up would be EMF. Another one-hit wonder and they suckkkkkkkked. Their only contribution was a song called Unbelievable and it was so freaking annoying. That song always made me cringe every time I heard it. “You’re unbelievable! Oh!” Jesus, someone please stab me in the eye with a fork already.

This song got way too much airplay in the 90’s. What have they done for you lately?

Next up on the chopping block would be the Fine Young Cannibals. Why, you may ask? Just because.

Have a listen and then see if you can still ask that:

That was the epitome of suck in a song that really sticks in your head. Sorry about that.

Rick Astley is next on my list. He was brought back to fame when everyone started Rick Rolling each other. It was never really that good in the first place. He sounded too throaty and his music makes me wanna kill myself. Thanks mom for all of those neverending Rick Astley songs. I’ll sleep easy when he’s gone.


And last up, I’d wipe out Metallica after they came out with And Justice For All….Why, cuz they lost their groove. They were so metal and then Lars Ulrich had to open his mouth about Napster and look like a total douchebag. They haven’t put out anything since Justice that is worth listening to. Metallica is dead to me, musically, but I’ll still report on the stupid crap that they do.

That’s a good song right there…..all else is not the Metallica that I grew up with and came to love/hate.

Who’s on your list?

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