The top ten celebrity rumors debunked in 2011

The top ten celebrity rumors debunked in 2011

So far, 2011 has been full of rumors that celebrities are pregnant, cheating or adopting. Whether it’s through their publicists or just Twitter, we present the top ten rumors that have been debunked already this year.

1. Katy Perry & Rihanna
Rumor: Katy Perry was feuding with Rihanna
How It Started: Rihanna gave an interview, reportedly saying that Katy’s music was generic. She allegedly said, ““I didn’t want the generic pop record that Kesha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would do. Every song is tailored to me.”
Resolution: Rihanna debunked the rumor, saying that she wants original hits, tailored for each individual artist, including Katy.

2. Lindsay Lohan & Tom Hardy
Rumor: Lindsay Lohan dating Tom Hardy
How It Started: Who cares, it’s Tom freakin’ Hardy!
Resolution: Lindsay took to Twitter to say that they’re only friends. Being “just friends” isn’t something that we’d want to admit, but to each their own.

3. Jessica Simpson
Rumor: Jessica Simpson wanted special treatment at the DMV
How It Started: Someone told the National Enquirer that Jessica was acting self-entitled at the DMV, asking for a private waiting room.
Resolution: Jessica tweeted that she hadn’t been to the DMV “in years”.

4. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
Rumor: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony were adopting a baby
How It Started: Britain’s Fabulous magazine said that the couple wished to add another baby into their brood.
Resolution: J-Lo debunked the rumors, saying that if they’re going to have another baby, it’s going to be au naturale.

5. Scott Disick & Kim Kardashian
Rumor: Scott Disick is in love with Kim Kardashian
How It Started: In Touch Weekly ran a cover story claiming that Scott confessed his love for the more popular Kardashian sibling.
Resolution: Kim laughed and tweeted this message, “OMG @ScottDisick I had no idea u felt this way! @KourtneyKardash we need to talk!”

6. Jennifer Aniston
Rumor: Jennifer Aniston is adopting a Mexican baby
How It Started: Star magazine just can’t seem to leave Jennifer alone. They reported in a recent issue that the adoption papers were already “signed and sealed”.
Resolution: Her rep called the reports a “work of fiction” and denied that she is adopting, planning out a baby room and hiring a nanny.

7. Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds
Rumor: Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds are dating
How It Started: They spent New Year’s Eve together as friends — and the tabloids did the rest of the work.
Resolution: Sandra talked with Al Roker on The Today Show and said that she doesn’t “get his loving after dark.”

8. Nicole Richie
Rumor: Nicole Richie is pregnant
How It Started: She probably ate a big lunch and was spotted walking around with a cheeseburger belly, prompting online speculation.
Resolution: She released a statement, saying that she is not pregnant and that people’s bodies are changing and it’s cruel to point that out. She added that the story wasn’t even newsworthy.

9. Courteney Cox & Brian Van Holt and/or Josh Hopkins
Rumor: Courteney Cox is dating Brian Van Holt/Josh Hopkins
How It Started: The paparazzi took photos of she and her-costars together, filming a scene for her show. Once published, the media speculated that she and Brian and/or Josh were a couple.
Resolution: She said that they are just friends and were filming scenes together. She added that she’s gotten used to the rumors and they are just a part of life.

10. Kelly Osbourne
Rumor: Kelly Osbourne wanted a gastric band
How It Started: The Daily Star published a story from a source claiming that Kelly had put on some weight and wanted to have the surgery done. They claimed that she was worried about losing her modeling deal for Madonna’s Material Girl label.
Resolution: Kelly took to Twitter to call BS on the reports. She blasted a member of the media for not fact-checking and made it clear that she does not want a gastric band.

What was your favorite rumor so far this year that’s been debunked? What would you add?

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