The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Infected’ – 13 Photos & Episode Synopsis

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 2 'Infected' - 13 Photos & Episode Synopsis

Tonight on AMC, The Walking Dead returns with an all new episode titled Infected. Along with a good lot of pictures, we’ve got the official synopsis for this episode along with a sneak peek video.

The synopsis directly from AMC:

“The group faces a new enemy; Rick and the others fight to protect their hard-won livelihood.”

It would seem that the group is now going to have to come face-to-face with an all new sort of enemy. Perhaps Patrick has shown us that the infection is actually airborn now or maybe even in the water? We’re not sure, but it seems crazy that the poor kid would just up and die out of the blue. Last week’s episode has also shown us a more fresh faced zombie, so perhaps there’s a new breed of walkers?

It only seems fitting that Daryl would be wearing a face covering if that’s the case. What do you think?

The show airs tonight at 9PM EST on AMC. Until then, enjoy the sneak peek video and the many pictures that we’ve gotten from this episode!

Click the images twice to make full sized.

While you wait for the show to air, tell us in the comments below what you think is going to happen on tonight’s show. Also, tell us who you think is going to die, if anyone, tonight!

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