The X Factor Season 2 Episode 11 Recap For October 17, 2012

The X Factor Season 2 Episode 11 Recap For October 17, 2012

Tonight on Fox is an all new episode of the hit talent competition “The X Factor”. The search continues for the winner of the five million dollar prize as the judges whittle down the competition. It’s been tough so far, as all of the contestants this season are fierce competition. Who will win it all? It remains to be seen as to who walks away with the prize, but we will be recapping all of the action for fans right here at Earsucker.

On last week’s show, the competitors went to the Judges’ Houses where they all sang for their supper. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our detailed recap here.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show as it airs. As we’ve already told you, tonight’s episode will see the competitors whittled down from 24 to 16. Who do you think has what it takes to win it all? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

UPDATE: The X Factor’s official Twitter account just posted this: “Post-Season Baseball is in rain delay & we’re waiting to hear how this affects tonight’s episode. We’ll post updates, so stay tuned!”


Up first, Britney Spears will tell her group who’s getting through and who’s being sent home. Diamond White is up first and there is equal criticism in her performance. Diamond is getting through! Up next to learn her fate is Carly Rose Sonenclar. Britney told her that she’s got amazing talent and she doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to handle it. But — she’s through to the live shows! Up next is Arin Ray and she told him that he had charisma, was charming and had talent. He’s through to the final four competitors in her team. James Tanner is up next to learn his fate. Britney said his personality is very cool for a rapper to have. She said that she doesn’t know if he’s where he’s supposed to be, so she’s sending him home. Reed Deming is up next to learn his fate and she’s complimenting him on his ability to bring people in. She thinks he needs more vocal training. As far as Beatrice Miller is concerned, Britney asks her if she thinks she has what it takes. Who’s getting through? Beatrice! Reed has been sent home.

L.A. Reid is about to dole out the results to his contestants. David Correy is up first to learn his fate. He’s not sure David can be a number one artist, but has decided to take him in his final four. Daryl Black is up next and L.A. tells him he reminded him of himself and that he is truly talented. He has decided to send Daryl home. Jason Brock is up next and L.A. tells him that he’s got a really strong voice. L.A. asks him if he can be a massive star and has decided to keep him in his final four. Tate Stevens is next and L.A. tells him he has a loveability about him and he needs confidence. L.A. is taking him with him in his final four. Now it’s between Vino Allan and Tara Simon. He can only keep one…who’s it going to be? He’s taking Vino in his final four, leaving Tara to be sent back home.

Demi Lovato will tell her category next who will be kept and who will be sent home. First up is Jennel Garcia and Demi tells her that she has an incredible voice and that she was blown away. She feels that Jennel is really insecure in her performance, but she needs to learn how to entertain people. Demi has decided to keep Jennel in her final four. Willie Jones is up next and Demi likes that he has something that a lot of people don’t expect, but he’s a big risk. Demi has decided to keep him in her final four.

Stay tuned for more info when the episode is complete!

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