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The X Factor USA 2012: Kelly Osbourne To Host?

The X Factor USA 2012: Kelly Osbourne To Host?

Since Steve Jones was ousted by Simon Cowell as host of “The X Factor USA”, we’ve been curious as to who they were going to get to replace him. Simon said that he wanted two hosts for the show’s second season, and most recently, Khloe Kardashian was being rumored to be taking one of the hosting spots.

Previously, Miley Cyrus and Stacy Keibler were rumored to be hosting the show. Now, it’s been said that Khloe didn’t have enough experience for the role as host, so Kelly Osbourne is being attached to the position.

A source revealed, “Everyone loved Khloe, but honestly, she doesn’t have enough hosting experience. Kelly, on the other hand, is pretty well-versed. Production is definitely leaning towards Kelly.”

Do you think Kelly Osbourne would make a good part of a hosting team for the second season of “The X Factor”? If so, who should join her, as Simon does want two hosts for the second season?

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