The X Factor USA Boot Camp Recap 10/5/11

The X Factor Boot Camp Recap 10/5/11

The competitors are back for Boot Camp on tonight’s X Factor. Only 100 contestants out of the 162 chosen will make it through to the next round.

Choreographer Brian Friedman wants to see them dance. They’re dancing to Michael Jackson’s song, Smooth Criminal. Before Boot Camp, each singer was asked to pick a song to sing to show they deserve to go through to the next round.

Siameze Floyd was first, signing More Than A Feeling by Boston. Anser sang next, afterward a series of the best contestants sang their hearts out for the chance for five million dollars. They were split into groups to find out the decisions on their fates.

Team one was called and Paula told them that they got through to the next round. Group two took the stage to find out their results. They were not sent through. Group three got through.

L.A. Reid is telling the remaining contestants that they’re going to be split up into groups and will have to learn a song to perform for the judges.

The first group gets Radiohead’s Creep. After five hours of rehearsal, the group is ready to give it their all. Singing first is Drew Ryniewicz and she sounds great. Dexter Haygood just joined her on state to take over. Not sure if he’s that great. The Anser just took over for the chorus. I wasn’t feelin it. Audrey Turner isn’t doing too bad. Elaine Gibbs is singing now and she’s not bad! Up next is Caitlin Koch and she’s wonderful. Love her voice.

The next group is performing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2. Singing first is Jazzlyn Litttle and Simon says she’s forgotten the lyrics. Stacy Francis is up next and she’s pretty good. Melanie Amaro is singing next and she’s talented, as well.

Group three is up next, singing Desperado by the Eagles. First up is Paige Ogle and she’s okay…. Up next is Leroy Bell and I’m not feeling his singing either. He started off okay. Singing next is Dani Knights and she’s decent. Cari Fletcher is singing next and she’s good, too. Skyelore Anderson is singing next and he’s not good at all.

The next group is singing Jay-Z’s song, Wishing On A Star. Tinuke Oyeful is up first, joined by Brian Bradley. Wow, nice. Reina Williams joined in and she’s okay. Brian is stealing the show. Lauren Ashley just took the stage and she’s fantastic. Jennifay Nichols is rapping and we’re not feeling it.

The next group is singing Superman by Five For Fighting. Singing first is Nick Dean and he’s a tad off key and he sounds nervous. Next up is James Kenney and he’s good. Tiger Budbill is singing and he’s singing soft, and was joined by Josh Krajcik, who sounds fantastic.

The next group is singing I’m Feelin’ Good by Nina Simone. Singing first is Phillip Loax and he’s really good. Next up is Chesi Spriggs and she’s okay. Austin Simmons is singing next and he sucks. Tiah Toliver is singing now and she’s great. Kelly Warner just started singing and was joined by Nick Voss and he’s not that great.

The group singing next is doing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. Up first is De’Quan Allan and he’s doing decent. Joining him is Joshua Maddox and he’s not that great. Rachel Crow is up next and she’s doing alright. Hayley Orrantia is singing and she is doing okay. They are joined by Ellona Santiago and she sounds off key. 4Shore is on stage next and they really aren’t that great, either. Ugh.

The next group to take the stage is singing Run by Snow Patrol. Singing first is Siameze Floyd and he’s okay. Makenna & Brock are up next and they’re pretty good. Emily Michalak is singing and she’s pretty good. The Stereo Hoggz are singing and they’re okay. I’m feelin half of this group. They’re okay.

Stay tuned for more Boot Camp auditions tomorrow night!

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