The X Factor USA: Drew Ryniewicz Hints At Top 7 Performance

The X Factor USA: Drew Hints At Top 7 Performance

On last week’s double elimination episode of The X Factor USA, we saw the exit of LeRoy Bell, along with the last in the group category, Lakoda Rayne. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our recap here.

This week, we face another double elimination, after the remaining top seven acts go head-to-head in an hour-and-a-half long episode this Wednesday. Afterward, on Thursday, another two acts will be eliminated from the singing competition.

Drew Ryniewicz has not revealed the name of the song that she’s performing, but has dropped a hint. She took to her official Twitter page to say, “So I love my song for this week. It’s not upbeat, but it’s also not slow. Has a bit of attitude :) #cantwait woohoooo”.

I have to say that when I’ve watched her performances, they have all really sounded the same. They are slow — with no build-up and they lack energy. What could she possibly be singing this week?

Let’s hope that it’s a good song choice that actually has some life to it. Her singing is good, but on the other hand, it does sort of put us to sleep.

What do you think she’s singing? Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts!

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  • kat

    I am flabbergasted that she has made it this far in the competition  She is a mediocre singer and very boring.  She needs to be sent home.

    • Marco Paul Anthony

      Haters gonna hate….Drew just gonna Love. Try and find a “better place” inside yourself. You will sleep much better at night.

  • Marco Paul Anthony

    Ok Lydia, your just hopping on an old tired line that is ridiculously invalid. Yes she has slowed down Baby which made her an instant sensation. “Must Have Been Love was sung exactly as it was supposed to have been. Just a Dream, emerged into a very upbeat tempo that LA Reid (he #1 critic) called her “The Spirit of a Superstar” and “With or Without You” was NOT slowed down ONE BEAT- it was tested in NTrack. Skyscraper built up tempo in a big way and every one of her performances was a different tempo and feel. She is Eclectic and simply Amazing!
    She only sounds the same to reality TV couch potatoes because she always sounds like DREW as opposed to a Karaoke star.

    So Lydia Harris, if you would like a karaoke performer, then go to your local bar. If you would like a unique, identifiable star ARTIST, you better open your ears.

    Alternatively if you “dont get her”, perhaps you should join LA Reid in “wishing her the best” and moving on as did Lady Gaga when LA dismissed her demo tape….didn’t stop Xtina when he and Pink had their jealous hate-fest. Oh yeh Christina she is kind of unknown….she sang “Aint Know Other Man”. She is not doing much lately but there is a girl named Demi Lovato that releases tracks for the 40+ crowd according to LA. Perhaps you and he should check her out sometime.     

  • Lsign2001

    Why is everyone saying her songs sound the same? A rapper’s songs always sound the same, and nobody is criticizing them? Just curious. Her voice is unique and different and nobody out there today has her voice? I’ m tired of all the criticism…..criticize the rappers, then, too!!!

    • Pestcontrolmaids

      Every week Astro sounds exactly the same.  He has not sung a single line.   How come LA has not picked this out.

      • Wikki12

        Thats because he is a rapper – not a singer. That is like criticizing Drew for not having rapped a single line

    • Get_stitch_

      agreed ASTRO OUT!

    • Win

      Compare Drew to Melanie and Rachel, then you’ll understand.